For a better Philippines!

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We attended a political forum two weeks ago regarding the principles on how to choose the right candidate for the coming 2010 presidential election. The speaker expressed the need for the Filipinos to be educated in this area. It has been observed that 70 % of our voters elect political candidates who have the money, popularity , guns and goons.

Yes, that is absolutely true. My father has been in politics for three decades serving as a Barangay Chairman for 3 terms and elected as Vice – Mayor in one of the towns here in our place. I, myself won as a SK Chairman in our barangay and I saw how tricky and dirty politics can be.

This coming 2010 presidential election is a chance for me to effect change in our society starting with my self as a Mindanao blogger. Gone are the days that we Mindanaons are considered second class citizen. I am encouraging you to visit . It is the Philippines’ first socio-political Networking Site. It serves as a venue for Candidates and Voters of Philippine 2010 Presidential Elections to communicate with each other.

I signed-up a free account yesterday and enjoyed reading the candidates political profile. Today, I have posted question to all presidential candidates on how will they solve the lingering insurgency problem in Mindanao . Let us see who among the presidentiables can convey the most convincing idea. I also joined the political forum on the topic “ What is the best way to choose our public official” . I enjoyed reading political issues too! What a great eye opener. What more? I have submitted my photo with a winnable presidential candidate ( but please, don’t get me wrong… he’s not my bet ,I just have the chance to attend his forum).

So guys, here is the chance for you to be heard and be part of a better Philippines. Register now.

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Marriage Monday : Girl Talk

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“ Mom, what age you and dad got married?”, this was what my 9 yr old little girl asked me last week when she scanned our wedding album. I told her that we both were 26 yrs. old. She then continued to asked – Where we met, What did her father do to win my heart.. etc..etc… Some were questions were so innocent that my hubby and I laugh our hearts out.

When it’s our turn to jokingly asked her, what she preferred for a husband … She answered “I want someone with blue eyes…” hahahahahaha. So I seriously told her the verse “ Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”. At her young age, I knew she understood our little girly talk.

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Help for our househelp!

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I got a call today that annoyed my day. My house help who’s having her day-off and was given an advance allowance informed me that she can not continue working with us since her aunt compelled her to work with her as “Tindera” (Sales Lady ) in another town. Wow!, that easy?

Of course, I do not have the right to force her to stay with us but at least she should have informed us in advance so that we could look for another replacement. So I tried to convince her to give us at least a week… Praise God! She agreed.

I hope and pray she’s telling the truth because she has mentioned to us that her childhood boyfriend proposed marriage to her already. We advised her already about it. God please help! They’re both only 17 yrs. old.