Construction Challenges

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As a Civil Engineer by profession, I know how detailed Engineering and Construction is. When making an estimate on a certain project, I have to be careful on the specifications of materials, labor and equipments. Aside from structural, finishing and architectural works are delicate items in construction. This is where you have to be precise and accurate on specifications.When we constructed our church building 4 years ago, I was the Office Engineer in-charge with the estimation, monitoring and purchasing of materials. During the early stage of the construction, my work was as easy as evaluating budget and computing total expenses. But when the architectural furnishing started, my job became demanding. I have to be cautious in purchasing materials that should be within the budget but not sacrificing the quality of our work. and fixtures were one of them. We need a bigger and durable sinks to fit with the need of our church. Something that would last a long time. Shopping for the tiles to match the sink and wall painting was a challenging task also. With some members of the building committee, we went from one home furnishing store to another to find the best deals.

As of the now , our church is 100% satisfactorily completed. Thank God for the knowledge and wisdom poured down on me during the 2 years of its construction.

The power of ONE !

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Yesterday I received a text about the POWER OF ONE. ONE touch , ONE smile, ONE kind word, ONE moment to listen, one small act of caring has the enormous possibility to turn a life around.

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday life – raising kids ( that go to two different schools), working in the office, grocery shopping, fixing dinner, household chores, attending church activities, etc.,etc… it seems there isn’t a moment to spare for anything or anyone extra. But if we stop an think about the statement above and the power we have to change a life forever in just ONE moment with just ONE act of kindness, the daily duties become far less urgent that they really appear.

Stop for ONE minute to offer ONE act of kindness today! Do not underestimate yourself; you hold the God-given power to change someones’ life.