Minnesota Vikings

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As I have mentioned in my previous blog, I love watching football games but honestly I am not really that knowledgeable with the general premise and rules of football game. The basic information I knew were :1. That the game is played between two teams in a clearly defined area.
2. The scoring points is by moving the ball to an opposing teams end of the field
3. That players are being required to move the ball using their body only either by kicking, carrying or hand passing.

I asked my hubby about it and he said it can take a little bit of time to understand the terminologies and scoring of the game. So he referred me to WaiverWire to play fantasy football. I enjoyed browsing the site and upload my favorite fantasy football team MINNESOTA VIKINGS. Why them? Aside from their purple team uniform ( purple is my favorite color) , I like their players particularly Adrian Peterson , Tarvaris Jackson and Brett Favre. They all played well last Friday’s preseason game against the Chief at Kansas City. Among the three, I am watchful on Brett Favre as the newly added quarterback of the team.

So who’s your favorite team and player?