Mommy Moments : Name Game

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ISAIAH JOHN – Sounds too biblical… but we just love it! John because it’s his father’s nickname . We fondly call him IJ.

DALE FAITH – It’s the name of my discipler way back in college. Ate Dale made a great impact in my life so i thought of naming my little girl to her.

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4 thoughts on “Mommy Moments : Name Game

  1. I always love the name Faith for a gilr. A very sweet sounding name and your girl is indeed look so sweet and pretty.
    btw, you mentioned decipler, were you by any chance a member of MMCC (Metro Manila Christian Church)?Kasi sila lang alam ko na usual gumagmait ng terms na yan eh. 🙂

  2. Isaiah John is nice as well as the meanings of it.. Dale Faith is also a pretty name.. Nice choice for your children..

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