On being risky

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Risk-taking is risky business. Whether it is performing a high-wire act, joining a car racing, performing in a circus eating fire or blades, there are possibilities for disaster. Pushing the extremes in risk-taking seems to be a popular thing to do. My favorite TV show before are ” Extra Challenge” and ” Fear Factor”. I am thrilled to see people risking their lives .

On the contrary, I am the opposite. Not only me but most of us avoid risk. Even so, we recognize the truth in statements such as ” No risk, No reward.” Companies realize that there are risks that need to be taken to succeed. But these are calculated risks, done under the guidance of someone holding the title of Risk Manager.

In one sense, taking a stand for God is not risky because we have a Risk Manager who is GOD. There are many People in the Bible who risked their lives for God like Daniel , Shadrah, Meschach and Abednego, Noah, David, Joseph and many more…. but they all emerged victorious.

I believe to fail not to take a stand is the REAL RISK !

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