Tuesday Couch Potatoes : Game Plan

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Talking about movier for the Entire Family , I highy recommend The Game Plan, a Disney flick starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s the story of a self-centered quarterback played by The Rock who is chasing the dream of a football championship when suddenly his 7-year-old daughter, whom he didn’t even know existed, shows up in his life. He has to deal with transforming from being the center of his own universe to having his daughter become the top priority in his life, while maintaining a pro football career. It is truly a heart warming movie that is fit for the whole family.

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Election and the Internet

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Politics in the Philippines is quite thrilling and exciting. Coming 2010, the whole nation will elect its leaders from the highest Executive office down to the Local government levels. Advertising is one best tool every aspiring candidate will spend their money upon. Even a year before elections, some politicians are already parading their wares and accomplishments on radio and T.V.
These days, one of the most popular mediums being used to promote a candidate’s name is through the internet. Politicians have friends, relatives and even hire their own employees to create a Web site where they can show to the people all their achievements, programs, their platform of government and many others. This is where finding the right Web host provider comes in.
Getting the right provider is no problem if you happen to drop by the hosting Geeks. It is one site where you can find the Top 10 Web hosting and Best Web hosts for 2008/2009. It’s a great site to know the ranks of the Web hosts, added with blogs and web reviews for you to really find the right Web host. Be it to promote the name of a candidate or promote your own product, this site can be of great help. Take a peek and see for yourself.


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The word “ reality” gets a lot of attention these days. May people are fascinated to know what people’s lives are “really” like, regardless of their lifestyle. Some of it is really compelling, some amusing and but it seems to me that most of it is just really sad.

I am fan of watching reality TV shows like Big Brother and Survivor , but reality is not defined by what TV, the internet or modern culture tells us . It’s defined by the truth of God’s Word. REALITY is that there is a GOD and that one day He will judge us. REALITY is that there is HEAVEN and HELL and that God has given us FREE WILL to chose between the two.

Typhoon Ondoy battered Luzon

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We were surprised to see on TV last night residents wades through the flooded streets of Metro Manila. It was a flashed flood brought by Typhoon ONDOY, which sent people to their rooftops .One of them is FHM’s 2008 sexiest woman – Actress Kristine Reyes. She was up on her rooftop for 6 hrs already.

Below are some of the pics.

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