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The word “ reality” gets a lot of attention these days. May people are fascinated to know what people’s lives are “really” like, regardless of their lifestyle. Some of it is really compelling, some amusing and but it seems to me that most of it is just really sad.

I am fan of watching reality TV shows like Big Brother and Survivor , but reality is not defined by what TV, the internet or modern culture tells us . It’s defined by the truth of God’s Word. REALITY is that there is a GOD and that one day He will judge us. REALITY is that there is HEAVEN and HELL and that God has given us FREE WILL to chose between the two.

Typhoon Ondoy battered Luzon

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We were surprised to see on TV last night residents wades through the flooded streets of Metro Manila. It was a flashed flood brought by Typhoon ONDOY, which sent people to their rooftops .One of them is FHM’s 2008 sexiest woman – Actress Kristine Reyes. She was up on her rooftop for 6 hrs already.

Below are some of the pics.

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