Blessing through blogging

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This post is longed-overdue. It has been on a draft mode for 3 weeks. I am hesistant to publish it ‘coz it might sound boastful. I am also confused whether to include the picture or not. Anyway here it is :

This is my Blog’s first fruit. This may be small compared to your first earning but I considered it my biggest accomplishment in terms of making money online. I greatly thank God for my nephews Mommy Dharlz and Bogie who introduced me in the blogosphere (You both are angels to me.). Also to my cousin Lalaine who’s in Malaysia who patiently taught me online the details of blogging. Thank you also to all my newly found blogger friends who consistently drop EC and comments. My blog would’nt reached this far if not of you. Lastly I thank the Lord for these new source of blessings.

For more Thankful Thursday visit LAURIE of Women taking a stand.

10 thoughts on “Blessing through blogging

  1. PtL for the blessings bitaw gyd..thank God for paid blogging..your first earning is not small esp. considering na pila pa lng ka ka months into blogging and paid bloggin,nang.

    Yellow cab lng ako sunud kng mka uli mi..hahaha!

  2. Good for you, I won't believed you if I don't earn the same myself. Truly, paid blogging is such a blessing to us,especially to SAHM like me.

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