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Remember my blog about Cebu Pacific Airline? I was all in praises for making travel affordable to the masses. Truly, they deserved a commendation.

But today? I was frustrated with inconsistency of their website announcement. The P899 All domestic promo fare supposedly starts today Sept 17 and ends Sept. 18. When I open the site early this morning, I jumped for joy because we were planning to have a vacation on the 4th week of October. But I was surprised to find out that promo seats are no longer available. I called their office first hour in the morning inquiring on the seat sale., I thought that because it is the first day of the promo, the site maybe was not yet updated. I was upset to find out that the promo has already started yesterday, Sept. 16.

I tried to talk to their manager but they refused to speak to me. I suggest that if this is a clerical error they should correct it. I was the more annoyed when the person on the other line told me that it was not an error. They just started the promo in advance What? As easy as that? Why should they advertise the wrong promo dates? It is very misleading. My friend said this is intentionally done for the ticketing agency to profit. If this is the case, they better stop their online booking and lets all go back to the conventional air ticket purchase. What do you think?

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  1. Gioperahan sa matres si Manang Bebing kay sukad July sige xa bleeding..

    Tua xa Bethel karun, dili pa gapakagwas kay kulang iyaha money…

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