Tuesday Couch Potatoes : Game Plan

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Talking about movier for the Entire Family , I highy recommend The Game Plan, a Disney flick starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s the story of a self-centered quarterback played by The Rock who is chasing the dream of a football championship when suddenly his 7-year-old daughter, whom he didn’t even know existed, shows up in his life. He has to deal with transforming from being the center of his own universe to having his daughter become the top priority in his life, while maintaining a pro football career. It is truly a heart warming movie that is fit for the whole family.

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Couch Potatoes : Game Plan

  1. this looks good grace. will take note of this. i love movies that has plots like this. i am just amazed at how children can really turn your life around.

    thanks for joining us this week. next week, we will feature a Fantasy Adventure. btw, i edited your link URL kasi namali mo yata ng enter, so that other participants can find you. happy TCP!

  2. Hi nang!

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    for example, you try to go to blogger tapos compose..dayn ilink amog imong Blog Name sa iyang URL..then when you see the HTML niya..kana i paste and copy lng dayn at the end of your comments..maski code cya, it'll turn out na linked cya pag gawas sa imo comment..I hope dili libog ako explanation..hehe!

    God bless!

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