GMA’s NY $20,000 dinner bill

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Above is the so called grandiose dinner of President Arroyo and other officials in a New York City restaurant . Much has been said about it . Some say the media “overly exaggerated” the event. A friend of mine working in New York vouched that fine dining NY is really expensive. Isn’t the prices above just fair for 28 people? Also ,The dinner at Le Cirque was on the invitation of Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez, who paid the bill. It was the occasion of the First Couple’s 41st wedding anniversary .

Anti-administration senators and congressmen condemn the lavish dinner. Shame on them! I do not believe they have not personally indulged in some of life’s luxuries during their political terms. Maybe they are just resentful because they ‘re jealous. What’s your opinion? Check out the menu and rates.

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