Remembering 9/11

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We suffer in our remembrance of 9/11, because of the terrible loss of innocent lives on that grim day. I was at the field doing some project inspection when the news of the attack was relayed to us over handheld radios. I thought the engineers were just making fun. I couldn’t check it right away because we do not have internet connection or radio station in the office.

I called my husband and he fetched in the office. Lunch time at home, we saw in cable TV the horrible event. We were crying and praying to GOD for His divine intervention. My boy was only 3 years old that time but he cried also looking at us trembling in desperation an anger.

Until now, the tragedy remain vague to us. Some say 9/11 was seized as an opportunity to run a political agenda. There are many interpretation of 9/11 but there is one thing that is clear to us that GOD IS A SOVEREIGN GOD! We are all vulnerable but Only HE alone is immovable.

Let us reflect again with what happened 8 years ago.

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