She loves the HP in me!

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I am pink, slim, sleek and fashionable that is why my lady boss chose me. I am an HP XP 110 Mini-notebook. We are inseparable, where she is – I am there also. My home is a classic and trendy executive office but I have been to board rooms for some crucial meetings, to coffee tables for friendly chit-chats and to her bedroom for music and movies.
My solid state drive of 16GB, Inter Atom processor and Inter Graphics Media Accelerator 950 are my assets which my boss is proud of. For a mini-notebook like me, this is a plus factor. For a year now, I have been her constant buddy and I never heard any single complain from her. After my office schedules, she works overtime updating her social networks like friendster, facebook and blog.
She’s satisfied with my performance that she even recommends me to her officemates and friends. I heard her promote the new Hewlett Package Promo. A $30 off on orders of $150 or more (use coupon code SV2132). She said this is valid through 10/ 31 or while supplies last . Restrictions and exclusions apply.So hurry up, visit any HP store now and be one of the millions of satisfied users.



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