Tuesday couch potato

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A young interracial couple move into their dream home in an idealic suburban and are increasingly harassed by their next-door neighbor, a tightly wound black LAPD officer. When the couple decides to fight back the feud turns deadly.

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Wilson, Kerry Washington, Regine Nehy, Jaishon Fisher, Jay Hernandez, Vanessa Bell Calloway.

The whole family enjoyed watching Lakeview Terrace. Samuel Jackson played the role at his best.

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10 thoughts on “Tuesday couch potato

  1. hi grace, first time ko din sa TCP and ang saya saya…

    haven't seen this one though and actually, i only got to know this movie now. will check it in IMDB.

    Mine is up too.

  2. di ko pa rin napanood ito mommy. quite intriguing.. i love cop movies too!

    thanks for joining us this week! next week is disney fairytale movie time! hugs!

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