Mommy Moments – Special Trips

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I love this week’s theme – SPECIAL TRIPS. We are an adventurous family. We love going out – This is our recent trip to Cebu City.

Having some fun during the flight
They can not contained their excitement

Watched Concert of Billy Crawford at Ayala Mall

Ayala Mall at Night.. concert at the terraces

Watched out NCR – we will invade MOA , TRINOMA, STAR CITY, OCEAN PARK and ENCHANTED KINGDOM this school break.Praise God I was able to book Cebu Pacific Promo Flight of only P888.00
If you want to suggest a destination good for kids, please leave a comment.

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Thankful Thursday

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From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same the LORD’s name is to be praised. Psalm 113 :3

Praise God , I am recovering from my GERD. I have been taking costly medicine which drained my pocket. God truly is a healing God. He didn’t only healed me with my disease but also from the pain of losing my mother. Now , I am letting go of the pain and let God take over me. Thank you Lord for Your mercy and faithfulness in my life.

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Hate messages for Filipinos?

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Received this email from a friend and I can not help but publish it on my blogsite. I was annoyed reading her facebook comment on the recent tragic flash flood in our country. While we are earnestly praying for recovery from the dreadful effect of the flood, I can not believe that there are people who are being heartless and judgmental. Here’s what she said : ( noticed her English ?)
Buti n lng am hr n dubai!maybe so many sinners bak dr! so yeah deserving wat hapend.
What a comment! Nobody deserved it… I do not believe she didn’t saw videos and pictures of her “kababayans” sufferings and griefs . The event was all over the Quad media.
And here’s another one from a Korean girl named UglyYubin :

Koreans are flooding the Philippines these days. I hope this girl isn’t one of them. Tsk!Tsk! What have we done that they hated us so much? May they come to their right senses.God bless their soul!