Mellow Yellow Monday

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As my first entry for MELLOW YELLOW i picked my snack time favorite yellow-corn. I took this picture while I was in Baguio for one week conference. Corn is a good source of many nutrients including Vitamin B1, B5, folate , fiber , Vitamin C , phosphorus and manganese. It is fibrous and it is good for the heart since it contain folate. If you want to boost your memory, eat plenty of corn since it has thiamine or Vitamin B1. Include Yellow corn in your grocery list. OK?


Making my Home Sing Monday : Coin Banks

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It has been the family tradition for the children to save through coin banks. This savings will be then used for our family vacation every school semestrial break or for our Christmas Get-away. This year we decided to spend it for our vacation come October 27 – Nov 3,2009. We are very much excited to open it on the eve of 26th.. We have a guessing game, whoever gets the nearest amount to the total money saved will get an extra bonus of P500.00. Hmmm sounds exciting? Isn’t it?

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Sunday Sermon

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It’s a foreign concept for many people, even among the body of Christ, that God has called us to be the victors – not the victims. Since Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden, mankind has been subject to the power of Sin but when Jesus came, died on the cross, and rose again, He conquered the power of sin over all who accept His gift of salvation.

Choose to be overcomers. Place ourselves in a position to expand God’s kingdom by overthrowing the kingdom of darkness through our words and actions. Our victory is guaranteed when we put on God’s Armor.