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This is my first time to join Niko’s meme Girl’s Talk . Thanks to Mommy Liza for inviting me. She happened to drop by my Fsshion Blog Gracia Fashionista and she saw this picture. Actually this is my Mother-in-laws shoes. She’s Imeldefic when it comes to shoes so I bought her 4 pairs from our City’s Nite Market last Friday. It was a great buy, prices at 70% off.

6 thoughts on “Girls Talk : Shoes

  1. ay type ko ung orange!!! nice nice nice!!! 😉

    katuwa naman MIL mo, imeldific 😀 nahawa knb?? u have lots of shoes na rin bcoz of her hihih

    oi thanks for joining ha.. see u again next week for our fave dress!!

    ingat lagi..

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