Making my Home Sing Monday : Coin Banks

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It has been the family tradition for the children to save through coin banks. This savings will be then used for our family vacation every school semestrial break or for our Christmas Get-away. This year we decided to spend it for our vacation come October 27 – Nov 3,2009. We are very much excited to open it on the eve of 26th.. We have a guessing game, whoever gets the nearest amount to the total money saved will get an extra bonus of P500.00. Hmmm sounds exciting? Isn’t it?

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5 thoughts on “Making my Home Sing Monday : Coin Banks

  1. That sounds like a great idea! It really encourages saving when the kids know there's something fun to save for! I hope you have a lovely time on your vacation.

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  2. It does sound like fun! We save all of our coins too. It feels good to count it all out and see how much you have. Hope you guys have a great vacation!

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