Mommy Moments- A day at the Mall

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We love malling, my ‘lil girl’s school is just hundred meters away from usually after fetching her, we drop by SM for school supply needs, marketing
and window shopping.

Picture below is taken at Ayala Cebu.

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15 thoughts on “Mommy Moments- A day at the Mall

  1. Ang layo mo pala, sa Cebu. Masarap mag malling kung kasama ang buong family. I enjoy going to the mall kapag kasama ko mga anak ko, kahit di ako nakakabili, kasi ang gugulo nila, hehehe..They give me headache, but it makes me happy to know that they enjoy it.. Do you only have 1 kid? Mommy Liz of Youngster's Park

  2. I remember, you have 2 kids, malalaki na sila, eventually, they will go on their own na..Enjoy them while you have the chance..Yung sa akin, maliliit pa.

  3. oh my…ka nice sa bonding….na miss nako ang atong mall…hehehe…malls dire ka fanget….way lami…hehehhe!

    thanks for sharing te….:)

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