My collection of Bath Robes

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I have lots of bath robes stocked inside my closet. The oldest was one I used on my wedding day. Two were gifted by my hubby, one from my mother-in-law and four I bought at bargain sale. Yesterday, my 9 yr. old girl and I sorted-out clothes to be given to the flood victims and she saw my bath robe collection. She suggested for some of them to be given away. Hmmm… I was a little bit hesitant but later give-in to her suggestion. Ended up giving away 3 of them.

I guess its time for me to buy new sets of bath robes. I am thinking of getting terry bath robe or waffle bath robe. I like its comfy and trendy look. has lots of designs, styles, fabrics, sizes and colors of bathrobes that will suit any persons taste. I just browsed their site and find a towel wrap that’s good for my kids too! These are perfect items for my collection.

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