My Insulated Lunch Tote

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“Health is Wealth”, this is my mom’s favorite quotation. When I was still in my elementary years, mom would patiently and lovingly prepares snacks and lunch for me. She packed them in an insulated lunch tote to maintain the freshness and warmness of the food. She doesn’t want me to buy foods from the school’s cafeteria which are commercially made. She want’s to get the much needed nutrient for a growing kid like me from her own cooking.
I remembered when I was still in my kindergarten years, I have this toddler backpack full of bread and fruit cookies for my snacks. Junk foods are prohibited at home. She’s really strict when it comes to our health. She provided me a nap mat so that whenever I feel sleepy in my toddler class, I just crawl on it. My Mom is the sweetest mom in the world. Raising 6 children is a big challenge.Isn’t she’s great?

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