Rapsberry Fantasy

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My favorite perfume? Got lots of them.. It ranges from the famous Victoria’s secret ,Body & Soul to the very local Johnson’s and Avon Perfumes. My love for perfume came from my Mom who is a perfume aficionado. When she was still with us, we love exchanging perfurmes every now and then. Oh… I missed her so much. When she went to the Lord, I gathered all her perfumes and kept it inside my memory box for her and labeled it Talk Perfume. Anyway, my latest now is Rapsberry Fantasy by Body Spray, A friend from London gave it to me when she went home 2 weeks ago.

3 thoughts on “Rapsberry Fantasy

  1. i am your opposite… i don't like perfume…. most of their scent gives me headache…

    i used to love using victoria secret's lotion but now, i am back to johnson and johnson because the scent is mild…

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