True Meaning of Life

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Unless we find life’s meaning, our life is like a doughnut, empty and hallow in the middle. Is it true we can find pleasure through money, popularity and power? Can these things really give meaning to life and fill one’s emptiness? Let us take a glimpse on the live of the following people :

Christina Onassis , whose father Aristotle Onassis, was the riches man in the world during her time . She declared in a media interview, “ Happiness is not based on money; and the greatest proof of that is my family.” Shortly after the interview, Christina committed suicide.

Elvis Presly, whose fame was the envy of everyone. He died at the age of 42 because of heart failure caused by Drug abide which was the result of emptiness in his life

Nero, who was Emperor of Rome, conqueror of the World. He could not even conquer his own emptiness that he committed suicide.

What is the TRUE MEANING OF LIFE? Come to Jesus , Serve Him and love Him. Enjoy His Presence and you will enjoy life forever. Try HIM!

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  1. Yeah, I agree on what is said here.
    Happiness doesn't necessarily mean having a lot of money. Find Jesus and you'll find hapiness!

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