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Welcome to October 13th Movie Edition of Couch Potatoe .This week’s theme is Urban Legend and my best pick is of course the 1998 horror film URBAN LEGEND which stars Alicia Witt, Jared Leto, Rebecca Gayheart, Robert Englund and Tara Reid . The film is based on the premise that a killer is using the methods of death described in certain urban legends (modern day folk tales passed on under the guise of truth, such as the babysitter who upon receiving threatening phone calls, has the police trace them back to the very house she’s in) as a means to kill victims on a college campus.

I am notreally fun of watching Horror Movies but Hubby and I just tried this one for a change.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Couch Potatoes

  1. i have seen this one too and believe it or not, i tend to imagine these gory incidents happening in our campus back in college. nakupo! wag naman! hahaha! this would have been my pick but i had to forego it because "candyman" reminded me so much of "may day eve".

    thanks for joining this week grace! next week, we will feature supernaturals. happy tcp!

  2. Hello there Ms. Grace, we have the same entry but I am still inviting you to peek on mine hehehe..

    here is my urban legend entry.

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