Tuesday Couch Potatoes

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I basically grow-up with SUPERMAN… I remembered our first Black and white TV featuring DC Comics’ superhero. Yah! I saw the original 1978 superman movie I guess in 1985 through Betamax film. The whole Family enjoyed watching it over and over again. . The film depicts the origin of Superman, from infancy as Kal-El of Krypton and growing up in Smallville. Disguised as reporter Clark Kent, he adopts a mild mannered attitude in Metropolis and develops a romance with Lois Lane, while battling against the villainous Lex Luthor.


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Then sings my soul Saturday : Could you be Messiah to me

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Gary Vslenciano sang this song in one of the leading noontime show in our country. He cried while singing this song. Maybe He was carried away with the Word…. Please play the song and surely you will be blessed. Part of the lyrics below :

Could you be HEALER?
to a heart that’s been wounded
in a battle that’s never seen?
could you be TEACHER?
to a mind of confusion
tell me what does this for me?

are you DELIVERER?
of an imprissoned feeling in chains
can you set my spirit free?
And just one more question
allow me this question,
could you be MESIAH to me?
could you be MESIAH to me?

could you be FATHER?
to a soul that’s been abandoned
by a world too busy to hear?
could you be FRIEND?
to a helpless survivor?
can you take away my fears?

My 81st post from Nov.1 – 26,2009

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I can not believe I have written 80 post for the month of November . Wow! I really wasn’t aware it has reached this far. I am not fond of monitoring my number of post. All I do is write and write whenever I am in the mood of doing so. Hmmm… that does not include the one week I was away for a vacation. This is a record breaker on all my blog sites… Let us see if I can surpass this number by next month! Thank you guys for patiently reading my post. Oopppss.. I forgot I still have 4 days more until the 30th.Hmmm… I guess I’ll reach 90 this time.Lol!

Thankful Thursday

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Today – the 4th Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving day of Americans. I join their celebration with thanksgiving in my hearts for all the favor God bestows in my life. My top 5 on the list are :

1. God – for giving His only Son Jesus for the redemption of my sin
2. My Husband – A man of God who’s been my helpmate for 14 yrs now . Who loves me unconditionally.
3. My 2 kids – They are my inspiration.
4. My family – My family and my husbands family. For my 5 brothers who until now loves and treat me as if I am still their baby girl. For my mother and sisters-in-laws who loves me as their own.
5. Our Church – where I am nurtured and molded to be what a true Christian should be.

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