Truck Drivers School

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I have been in the construction industry for 15 years. Part of my scope of works as a Civil Engineer is the Equipment monitoring. I se to it that the actual number of hours of truck and equipment usage conformed with the budget. I knew how our truck drivers work so hard to be of service to our customers and to our company . Sad to say here in our country, they are not well compensated , the reason why most of my co-workers opted to work abroad either in the middle east, australia or in the United States.

Trucking industry oversees is stronger than ever. There are countless of truck driving jobs available in every corner of the globe , that is why Filipinos are lining up for job vacancy outside the country. A co-worker of mine told me that when he was accepted for work abroad, he went for a training again on a truck drivers school . He said that the following are the advantage in choosing a career in Truck Driving :

  • There are thousands of new jobs every year in truck driving.
  • A Class-A CDL Driver’s License can last you a lifetime.
  • Job security because your job does not depend on a single employer.
  • Security in your job gives you security in your future.
  • Plus, it’s easy to start a truck driving career.

I hope Philippines will not have a shortage of Truck Drivers in the future.

On celebrating Halloween

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We were still in Manila on Halloween night. The kids were little bit culture shocked when we entered SM North Edsa Mall in Quezon City because almost everybody were in Halloween costume. Many were dressed in Dracula, floating Lady, Frankenstein and Vampire . Sales ladies donned in their witch hat and in heron bird Halloween costumes . Going inside the restaurant seems going to a horror house. Spider webs were all around the place and the lights were dimmed. Hmmm… my kids were tempted to buy mask and cap with horn sold at the isle but my hubby stopped them . He suggested better not to blend in to the crowd.

I pity those kids who were robbed with their innocence wearing devilish attires. There was a little girl dress in white with blood all-over her clothes and face. The parents were so proud tagging along her little girl as if they were on a parade. Hmmm… I guess they were just catching attention ( KSP? Kulang sa pansin?) Later that night I learned that SM threw a contest on different categories. The prizes given were big , thus the reason everybody were trying hard to display their most frightening costumes.

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy watching them . I may sound to be silly, barriotic or ignorant but that’s what I really felt. What’s in a Halloween? It seems the devil is magnified on this occasion . Please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to be self-righteous here or too spiritual but I think God is not glorified in occasion like this. What values or lessons can we teach to our children on this event? It is so shallow to say that it is for fun….. Is commercialism be blamed on this? I guess Halloween is more celebrated than the Holy week . What do you think?

Back to basic

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I’m back to reality… after a week of Family vacation I am back to my 9am-5pm office works and to my domestic jobs . My office works are pilling up as well as the dirty clothes in the laundry bin..hahahahah. I still do not have house help. I have a hard time coping up with my time. As much as I wanted to blog a lot but my time doesn’t allow me. Huhuhuhuhuhu. I pray I can get a house help the soonest time possible!