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My son took this very foggy picture while we were having a tour at the People in the sky park in Tagaytay. Temperature here 12 degrees. Quite freezing….

52 Weeks is a year long challenge for MOMS to be in a picture once a week for one year. We are always the ones behind the camera, this is OUR chance to get out in front and be in the pictures with our family. This is my first entry. If you like to join head to Forever in Blue Jeans.

Try Ventrilo

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I have been looking for a web hosting service provider for a month now. All of my blogs were free hosted. My blog tutor suggested that I should let at least one of my blogs have a domain name and be hosted from any on-line webhost provider. She suggested ventrilo , it’s a new and emerging instant server on the web this days. I have just browsed their site and find it quite okey. They offer the following :
• Month to Month Rent Contract
• User Friendly Webadmin
• No Hassle Money Back Guarantee
• Easy to Upgrade or Downgrade within the Webadmin
• Simple to Cancel – Cancel button within the Ventrilo Webadmin
• Easy To Change All Voice Formats and Voice Codecs Webadmin

Thankful Thursday

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It’s Thursday once again! A time of Thanksgiving for the countless of blessings God has bestowed to us. Got many things to thank God for this week but my top of the list is the successful opening of my brother’s Clinic and Pharmacy. I took the responsibility of doing the advertisement and marketing. Thanks God there were lot of people lining-up for consultation on the opening day. Indeed You are our business partner!

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New Year – New Look!

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Our plan to construct our garage haven’t been materialized until now. Everything is ready – except the money! Lol! We supposed to start the project last month but the budget was diverted to our family vacation get-away. Hmmmm… we overruned our budget due to eat-all-you-can and shopping to the max.

Now, we are back with our desire to construct not only our garage but to install metal garden shed. This is necessary since some of my delicate flowering plants easily get dehydrated due to the scorching heat of the sun. Originally , we wanted to construct the garage using coco or lawaan lumber but upon checking out with the cost, we decided to go for metal shed for durability and longevity. Also hardwood is difficult to find now-a days due to log ban. My hubby and I targeted to finished this project as early as 2nd or 3rd week of December so by January we can have something new with our house. New Year! New look!