Auto Show

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When we had our vacation at Manila, we went to luxury car auto shows . My hubby and son were so excited to see new models of Lexus, Audi, Mercedez benz, Jaguar and Porche. The Car agent approach us and discuss the features of each car its fuel consumption, speed , efficiency and power steering. They were eagerly listening…. As if they were buying one. Lol!

Sunday Sermon : TheTruth about the Gospel

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Truth about the Gospel (Good News) of our Salvation
Text: Romans 3:23-27

Last Sunday my hubby did the preaching. We greatly praise God for what He has done in our midst. There was such a tremendous outpouring of God’s presence that people were overwhelmed with joy and with the refreshing touch of the Holy Spirit. Ptr. John preached on the “Truth about the Gospel (Good News) our Salvation”. It was a heartwarming reminder, and an eye opener to every one of us. It centered on three important truths that we all must always be reminded.

#1 ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD – We must always be aware the sin abounds in our midst. Our society today is fast becoming a culture of feel-good doctrines. We like to hear preachers preach about PROSPERITY, JOY, HOW TO LIVE ABUNDANTLY and other feel-good sermons. Seldom can we hear preachers preach about SIN! And when we hear one, we tend to shut our ears instead. We forget the fact that all of us are VULNERABLE to sin and we ought to always be reminded and warned of the horror and deathly consequences of sin.

• He became our Substitute.

• He received the full force of God’s wrath and punishment on Calvary.
• His sacrifice appeased God and removed His anger towards mankind.
• Upon Jesus’ death, God demonstrated His righteousness and Patience towards us.

#3 WHAT CAN WE DO? – We can never boast of anything, even our works but can only boast in God alone. Our salvation, the Free Gift of eternal life, the abundant life we enjoy now is all the result of what Jesus did for us. His unselfish act of love brought light and life, hope and freedom, joy and peace to all who believed in Him. To God be all the glory and honor…