Storm Signal No. 1

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The rain poured heavily since 5:00 a.m. this morning. I had a hard time doing my out-of-office works this day. Ahhh… my jacket can not contain the freezing 20 degrees temp. If only our car had a heater.. it would be alright going my rounds.

As I am doing this post, the rain get’s heavier and heavier. God spare our city from flash floods and other untoward incidents. Praying the sun will shine tomorrow.

Time to get our new Mailbox

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Me and my elder brother live on the same subdivision . His address is Block 2 Lot 8 while mine is Block 8 lot 2. Funny! Sometimes our mails interchanged. To help solve this problem, I am planning to replace our old mailbox and order a new one . This time I will accentuate our address… maybe paint it with red in bold letters and numbers. I hope , the post man will never be mistaken again to drop my brother’s documents in mailbox.

There is really a need to change our old mailbox since it was only enclosed in our steel gate. Water gets in when it rains and the security lock isn’t working anymore. When we had our one week family vacation last October, all our mails were soak in water. Thank God it were still readable.

My hubby and I surfed online to look for mailboxes. We wanted something contemporary with an antique look. Something that would accent our house . Below are some designs me and my hubby surfed online :

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