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Business Instant messaging is a common form of business communication now–a- days. It saves money, time and effort and what more it is done at your own convenience without time barriers. You can do it at home, office, on the road or just anywhere. One emerging secured instant messaging in the web today is Brosix. Amidst wordwide economic crisis, Brosix increased its customers 3 times in the last 12 months. It offers communication service for companies and organizations that seeks for secure and controlled communication over the internet. It help them in their employee-to-empoyee and employee –to-customer every day transactions.
To make things easier for you, Brosix host your instant messenger network on their optimized servers so you don’t need to worry about server maintenance and configuration. If you are interest with their services just go to web site and create your instant messenger in a minute. The ways you can use Brosix to communicate are:
  • Text chat with rich text formatting
  • Text conferences
  • Voice chat
  • Video chat
  • File Transfer
  • Screen-shot
  • Co-Browse
  • Whiteboard
  • Voice Conference
  • Voice Mail
  • Screen Sharing
More about each of these can be found at Brosix features. Try their site and be one of the satisfied Brosix IM Client.

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