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When we were in Trinoma Ayala and Mall of Asia , my hubby and my son roamed around the parking lot looking for luxury cars. They really enjoyed their car hopping that it took us 30 minutes waiting for them. In our city, they seldom see luxury cars that is why they were super excited .They took pictures of lexus, BMW, Porche and Mercedes-Benz . Later that night, they uploaded the pictures and browse for sites selling these cars. One site they stumbled upon is , one of the top Phoenix auto dealers . They preview new models at the showroom page. If you are a Mecedes-Benz lover, better visit their site now and see the All New 2010 GLK!

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  1. Aha…got it….your dream car will arrive soon, just as mine would be…a Jaguar sports car and an SUV Montero sports….libre ang mangarap diba, so mangarap ka maski dilat…hehhehehehehe

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