I miss my job…

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Metro Manila is a booming and blooming place. Construction of Vertical and horizontal structure are everywhere. Skyscraping condominiums and hotels are sprouting in cities like Taguig, Mandaluyong, Pasay and Manila. Seeing those tall buildings reminded me with my work as a Civil Engineer. I have been working inline with my profession for 18 years until I decided to go full time as a mother and as a pastor’s wife. I resigned from my work since I can no longer afford to spend 10 – 14 hrs in the office and field. I want to be a hands-on mother and a helpmate in the ministry my husband was called. Everything was in place when I resigned. My husband’s property was bought at a very reasonable price and God provided us a small business which doesn’t require much of my attention.

Although I no longer practice my profession but there are times when my services were engaged as a consultant. Last month an old colleague discussed with me his water drilling project. He had a problem with his equipments. Its output can not meet the need of the project. If only rigging lifting California is available in our country, that problem would be easily solved. I referred him to some suppliers I knew… but I doubt if he can get a good deal on this as rigging lifting California can offer. As of the moment, I am on the process of looking for the best supplier for his project. Wish me luck!

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