My 81st post from Nov.1 – 26,2009

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I can not believe I have written 80 post for the month of November . Wow! I really wasn’t aware it has reached this far. I am not fond of monitoring my number of post. All I do is write and write whenever I am in the mood of doing so. Hmmm… that does not include the one week I was away for a vacation. This is a record breaker on all my blog sites… Let us see if I can surpass this number by next month! Thank you guys for patiently reading my post. Oopppss.. I forgot I still have 4 days more until the 30th.Hmmm… I guess I’ll reach 90 this time.Lol!

4 thoughts on “My 81st post from Nov.1 – 26,2009

  1. wow! grabe ka Nang uy! as in! biliba gyd nako nimo…murag world record cgro na ba..hahah! ky ako murag 50 plus ra mn cgro ako maximum posts in a month!

    PTL ky it means daghn kau ka opps.. asa imo opps usually gikan nang?

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