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My hubby and my 13 yr old son are car fanatics. Last month when we have our vacation in Manila, they went on car hunting in parking lots at the Mall of Asia and Trinoma. They spent almost 45 minutes roaming around and taking pictures of luxury cars. While enjoying the scenery on our way to Enchanted Kingdom from Tagaytay, their eyes were always on the road eyeing for new car models. When we spotted a Porsche at Nuvali Evoliving at Laguna Techno Park, we jumped off our XUV and excitedly took a souvenir photo with it.

You will find dozens of men at auto shows admiring the unique designs and alluring curves of luxury and sports cars. Men are fascinated with them because they consider such vehicles as rare and expensive piece of art to own.

My hubby has this nurtured vision on owning a luxury car since his adolescence . He had lots of old sports car magazine and posters at home. As early as June this year, he started surfing the internet for the 2010 car models. Below were on the top of his list:

1. 2010 chevrolet camaro
I love its “retro and contemporary styling”

2. GMC Terrain
Another SUV to watch out this coming 2010! I love its muscular design fender. Read 2010 gmc terrain review for more updates.

3. porsche
Though many auto critics find the shape awkward but I see as sleek and uniquely shaped. Its interior is superb also. On the road, it will surely be a striking looking car,

4. Mercedes-Benz glk
This will surely stand-out among SUV classification not only because of its spacious room that would surely carry the whole family but because of its exterior charm. To know more about its feature see the 2010 mercedes benz glk review .

So what’s your pick among the four? Share it and leave a comment.

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