Planning a Garden Landscape?

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I really admire my mother-in-law for being artistic when it comes to Home Interior Decoration. Her house in one of the elite subdivision in our city stand out among the rest in the community. Three months ago, she did some major improvement like repainting the exterior walls and installing new gutters at the perimeter of the house roof. She never get tired of renovating her already beautiful home. People might considered it a waste of money, but to her it’s a joy and fulfillment.

In preparation of the coming Yuletide Season , she Plan a garden landscape . Although her garden is already adorned with various ornaments, plant and flowers, she wanted to make it more stunning this coming December. She is planning to treat her teachers for a Christmas party in her spacious backyard ( By the way, she is the principal of Nanuri International School). She wanted to add another Aluminum furniture in her garden. My hubby suggested for drift woods for a countryside look but she wanted a modern and stylish motif this time. The frugal me preferred aluminum furniture since prices are more affordable.

How about you? What home improvement shall you take for the coming holiday? Visit for home improvement ideas.

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