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Same as automotobile, our personal computer needs regular maintenance. “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is usually our attitude . We run for help when the condition of our car is already severe .The result? Damages winds up costing the owner more to repair. The same is true with our computers.
When we bought our new flat screen Quad duo high-end home computer , hubby made a bi-monthly schedule for its maintenance. Thank God we had a friend who is an IT graduate who does the job. Maintaining your computer allow it to run faster and more efficiently, it significantly extend its life and prevent most problems before it occur. Important tips our friend reminded us are : To Never over heat the computer. If it’s running too hot, it is at risk to premature hardware failure. To always check the programs and files installed in the computers. To maximize the disk space duplicate file finder is necessary. Last month when we cleaned-up our system, there were lots of duplicated files of audio, video, games and photos. We were able to free 2G. Store your audio, video and photos on CD’s or DVD’s and delete unnecessary programs to have sufficient free disk space.

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