Safely home

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Whew! Just came back 2 hrs ago from a 3-day trip in Manila with my hubby. My head is still spinning around but the blogger in me compelled to open my site to have a glimpse of incoming messages and comments. Thank you so much guy for visiting my site in my absence….

Our plane trip was a bumpy one. I experienced lots of turbulence due to the bad weather. Thank God we arrived safely Home. Got to go now. See you tomorrow! Have a goo day!

6 thoughts on “Safely home

  1. kaya pala tahimik ka for a while.glad you're back home safely. i know how it feels to be away from blogging even for just a while, hehehe!
    salamat sa dalaw, grace! can no longer wait for your MYM. it's thru you and dhemz that i got the interest in joining. thanks, it's fun!

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