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Since the introduction of the internet, I and my hubby became avid users of it and we even put up the first internet café in our place. We were satisfied to have our dial-up internet provider way back then and it really revolutionized our lives. The Internet introduced us to the wide world of web, the mountain of knowledge you can learn, and the importance of accessing to countless information to be used by our friends, neighbors and even our children for their school’s assignments. We never thought that Internet providers will evolve to provide its customers not only a fast access to the web but also the convenience of being connected anytime and anywhere.
Today, we can have the best of both worlds! The introduction of Globe Tattoo Broadband device gives me the upper hand in my blogging. No matter where I am, I can connect to my email, social networking services, check for opportunities and update my blogger’s account. My tattoo conveniently connects via USB and was installed to my Laptop without any sweat. Globe Company gave me two choices in using my Tattoo. I can use it as a Pre-paid or as a Post-paid service. I opted to use the former for convenience sake as I can bring it anywhere I want.
According to Blogie, Tattoo will be able to detect signal strength and availability in your area of WCDMA or HSDPA. Make sure you belong to an area where there is WCDMA or HSDPA for your best download and upload speeds.I can say, I am one satisfied customer of Globe Tattoo Broadband . Not only for its fast connectivity but it comes also with stylish Globe Tattoo Broadband Skins. Wow! My friends and even some people would just look with envy as I show them my Tattoo. Indeed, I don’t need to be just a face in the crowd! Hehehehe… There’s no hassle to the broadband access I get in different places I traveled. Whether I’m in Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro City), Visayas (Cebu) or in Manila, my Tattoo just won’t fail me. It’s my faithful friend and partner in Blogging.
I now became a crusader to my friends by introducing them the Globe Tattoo Broadband device. I encourage them to visit any Globe Broadband office in our place or just simply check out the Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery for the newest product updates. It’s one way of returning the blessings I get from my tattoo.

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