TCP : First Daughter

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Katie Holmes gives a spirited performance in this 2004 movie, her enthusiasm and charm captivated the audience. It’s a cute and fairy tale like movie.

Story line : Desperate to be a “normal girl,” Holmes’s Sam Mackenzie flees ( Katie Holmes) the reelection campaign of her father (Michael Keaton) for a California college. She falls for James (Marc Blucas), her all-American R.A., or, depending on where you shop, her American Eagle outfitter

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4 thoughts on “TCP : First Daughter

  1. i love this movie. i love katie's character here.. she is just adorable. i am a big fan of dawson's creek tv series kasi. hehe!

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    thanks for joining us this week. next week, we will feature animal films. till then, take care and happy tcp!

  2. haven't had the chance to finish this muvee. Ive seen the first half only, better find a way to complete watching it.

    Happy TCP, mine is up too.

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