TCP : Pursuit of Happiness

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Pursuit of Happiness is truly a heart-warming movie. Anyone who watched it was inspired by the determination and perseverance of Will smith. He portrayed the character so well that the movie was nominated for various awards. His real-life son did a good job so well. The best dramatic movie ever. Visit Kikiamz for more TCP movies

7 thoughts on “TCP : Pursuit of Happiness

  1. you made such a great movie choice for today's TCP.☺

    i don't know if it was because it was his real-life son who played his son in the movie, but you can see how will smith's being a father shone through in this film.☺

    thanks for sharing and happy TCP!

    mine's up here.☺ please visit if you have the time.

  2. This is a very good father-and-son movie. will smith really played his role very well here… a father will indeed do everything for his child to give him the best. i guess all fathers are like that. great choice for tcp!

    thanks for joining this week dear. next week, we are going yehaw! be prepared for a wild, wild western movie. till then, hugs and happy tcp!

  3. I loved how they pretended the cr was a cave, just to let his son's imagination wander and not face the harsh reality of being homeless.

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