Thankful Thursday

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Today – the 4th Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving day of Americans. I join their celebration with thanksgiving in my hearts for all the favor God bestows in my life. My top 5 on the list are :

1. God – for giving His only Son Jesus for the redemption of my sin
2. My Husband – A man of God who’s been my helpmate for 14 yrs now . Who loves me unconditionally.
3. My 2 kids – They are my inspiration.
4. My family – My family and my husbands family. For my 5 brothers who until now loves and treat me as if I am still their baby girl. For my mother and sisters-in-laws who loves me as their own.
5. Our Church – where I am nurtured and molded to be what a true Christian should be.

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  1. Yes, I am thankful for my church, too. We just had an email from some Christians in another country, whose church was closed and their pastors taken into custody. I thank God for religious freedom. God bless you!

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