Then sings my soul Saturday : Trust His Heart

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We just sang this song yesterday on the wake of our churchmate’s father. I can not help but cry as I sing it. The song is very.. very.. powerful and once again I remembered the death of my mother 6 months ago.

“God is too wise to be mistaken…. God to good to be unkind…” Evey word is so meaningful.

8 thoughts on “Then sings my soul Saturday : Trust His Heart

  1. Wow; this song really blessed me this morning.

    "When you can't see His plan, trust His heart."

    Such words to remember and how much I needed to hear that this morning. Thank you for sharing this one today.


  2. This is a beautiful, beautiful song! Each and every one of us needs to know and feel the presence of God in our lives, as we walk through this world, day to day…as I looked at each picture of people that need the Lord, and picture Him standing beside each one, knowing He will not leave them in their trouble, but will bring them safely out…what a blessing that is!

    Thanks for sharing this great reminder of God's wisdom, plan, and heart!


  3. How strange! I just heard these words "God is too wise to be mistaken…. God is too good to be unkind…” on the radio this morning and it really clicked with me. And now I see (and hear) them here.

    What a huge God we have to bless us with little gifts throughout the day. Praying for you as you continue to grieve the loss of your mom.

  4. This song is a good reminder that our hearts shouldn't break only at the moment of conversion, but each and every time we go to God to confess the sins that keep us from growing closer to him.

    Great song.

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