Truly a Secret Birthday Party!

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My hubby got the surprised of his life on his birthday two years ago. I threw a secret party to mark his 40th birthday. It was a 3-month long preparation. It wasn’t easy for me since we are an inseparable couple. I know he can easily read through my mind. What I did was to join forces with his youth core group and my 2 kids. First, we created a group take charge of the Party Supplies and Party Decoration . Second, we compiled a guest list to the party and informed them that it is a surprise one. Second, we hold the party in a place where he will not doubt of something – at our very own house.

On the day of his birthday, I was a little bit anxious something might leak . Me and my kids were at our best performance. What he knew was, we will have dinner at our favorite restaurant and spend the rest of the night watching movie .Halfway to our destination, I told him to go back home since I was able to bring the wrong bag. Because his cellular phone , credit card and my wallet were inside it, he has no choice but to head back home. While he was driving , my son was busy communicating through text with the program coordinator to get everything ready in 5 minutes.

My heart was pounding when we arrived at the gate. As my hubby opened the main door … the lights suddenly turned on and surprised!!!!! Everybody was singing the birthday song at the top of their voices … with matching confetti and balloons. I was surprised too! How did they able to decorate the place and set the table with foods in such a short time? My hubby was truly astounded and amazed that he couldn’t stop thanking me and the rest of the group all throughout the night. It was really a fulfilling celebration for all of us.

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