TT : God reigns in 2010

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Yes, a few hours from now ( pacific time) 2009 will close its final curtain. 2009 is a very difficult time for me… February 2009, I lost the most dearest person in my life– my mom. The world turned upside down then. For the first three months, I have sleepless nights … and painful sleeps. Due to grief and stress, I was sick and found to have GERD ( acid reflux). Until now I am under medication.

Amidst all these, God is still worthy to be praised! Is God good only in good times? Definitely not! For He is good all the time. Everything worked together for good! Through my moms death , we became closer as a family. My brother who is a medical doctor transferred residency in our city and his whole family came to know the Lord. They never missed a Sunday Service from our church. Another blessing this year is the Full Academic Scholarship of my Son in High School. We were unloaded with a big amount of school tuition fees. I thanked God for my hubby who is always by my side. He’s the sweetest and the most loving person I have ever known. He loves me unconditionally. I lost my mama… but I became more closer to my in-laws. My mother’s love were made tangible by their presence.

Indeed there are always 2 sides of a coin. The pain and hardship in life oftentimes are overcome with joy.There is still hope for a new and better 2010. I know this year will be a fruitful and blessed year for us…. For God will never leave nor forsake us. GOD REIGNS IN 2010!

Happy New year

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Before the last day of the year ends, let me thank everyone for all your visits, comments and views. Thank you for making my first year in the blogsphere fruitful and enjoyable. Let us all welcome 2010 with love, joy and peace in your hearts!


Hotels Europa

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We call it midlife frenzy…hehehe..just a term we use to describe our itching to go places we just saw from a travel magazine. Our friend gave us an NCL Cruise magazine which featured a packaged tour of the South Americas and Europe. Our eyes were glued with envy and while reading it, we were like transfered to another place and time. You guessed it, me and my hubby, we both day dreamed…hehehe.

It has been our long term goal, for now just a dream indeed, but one day, we both know that we can visit these wonderful places like the Europe (London, France, Germany, Scotland, Venice and Italy). Yes it’s a long list but that’s part of our dream! We find it fascinating to learn the different culture and beliefs these places have. We dare to say it as an adventure of our lifetime to be able to set foot and even kiss the soil when we arrived…hahahaha. It may sound crazy but it is indeed our very own crazy dream that’s soon to become a reality.

Europe is the best place to go shopping like shoes (Schuhe in german translation) and clothes. I love to try the very famous Herrenstiefel shoes. We also love to stay on a hotel that’s different this time like Hotels Europa… And how about strolling the enchanting palaces in Europe? Well, that would surely come as a special treat for us.

Anyway, at least I have shared with you some of our dearest wish in life. Yes, we really like to travel and visit all these wonderful place, but we believe that it is only God who knows the perfect timing for us to be able to do it. For this moment, we are just excited to think and imagine being on a cruise or a tour in these dream places of ours. How about you? Do you have one? It’s not bad to wish for at least dream to come true, right?

Gloo : A New Site to Watch

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The world is made smaller through the internet. Everyday we are more and more connected to each other. Finding old friends, long lost relatives or classmates would be easy through the sprouting social networks on the web. Just like last month, my time on the internet was mainly consumed looking for our High School Batch ‘84. I was tasked to be the PR officer of our High school Centennial Home coming (December 14-21, 2009). Quite a very challenging assignment! As of today, I have completed 75% of my job. Thanks to the miracle of the Internet.
Speaking of social networking, a friend introduced me to Gloo. It’s not really a social network per se but it is a web application that allows users to work together on virtual spaces by embedding and manipulating images, notes, videos and even creating doodles in real-time. It is the new offering of Globe Broadband, the leading Internet Service Provider in the Philippines .

I have fun creating my Gloo page below. The dashboard is easy to navigate. It has a tool bar which allows you to upload pictures and videos, draw, post reminders, chat with online contact as well as send SMS/MMS. You can personalize your space with customized themes. You can even post ads here so you can inform other members of an event that you are hosting.It looks like a scrapbook collaboration website. I have just invited friends … I’m sure they will join me in my new discovery.

No doubt this will surely be a hit. Try Gloo and explore its very practical usage. Inquire about Gloo at This is a new medium to watch!