MM : God given talents

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Love this week’s theme ” Talented Kids”. By God’s grace my kids got lots of talents.
Dale my youngest , is a member of our churchs’ crative arts department.

She dances, sings and acts.

My eldest is equally talented. He has been awarded Best actor and Declaimer of the year.
He plays different musical instruments like guitar, keyboard and flue. His a member of their High School dance group too!


2010 Election : Something to watch for

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The 2010 Philippine National Election is something to watch for . Why?

1. It is the first automated elections
2. It features an incumbent President contending for a Congressional Seat
3. It has an ex – and imprisoned President seeking for re-election
4. A close fight of the top three presidentiables – NoynoyAquino, Gilbert Teodoro and Manny Villar.
5. Record breaking number of Certified of Candidacy filed – 99 hopefuls.

The list goes on and on….. Any more inputs?