TCP : The Rundown

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My hubby is a big fan of Dwayne Johnson or The Rock even before he became a big Hollywood Star. When “The Rock” is on the wrestling arena, my hubby is high in spirit cheering for him. So I picked THE RUNDOWN for this week’s great outdoor movie. It is wildly entertaining movie way back 2003. It is full-packed with action and comedy.

Beck (The Rock) is a bounty hunter sent into the treacherous jungles of the Amazon to bring the rebellious Travis (Seann William Scott) back to the States. When Beck and Travis reluctantly join forces to hunt down a priceless treasure, this unlikely team embarks on a pulse-pounding, non-stop thrill-ride. It’s a happy ending… Travis reconciled back to his father.

Great movie… why not watch it again?

My Louis Vuitton hand bag

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Women and their handbags are inseparable. Today, women love to carry half the world inside her bag from make-up, beauty products, wallets, diaries, cell phones, keys and the latest gadgets. Handbags are integral part of women’s fashion not only because of its practical usage but it’s a great way to enhance our looks and enable us to create fantastic wardrobe combination. Like shoes and jewelries, handbags help us put the finishing touches on our fabulous attire.
My love for hand bags, purse, totes, shoulder bags… what ever you call them began as early as the time I learned the alphabet. I remember during my prep years when I began my hubby of collecting it in different styles, colors and characters. Being the only girl in a brood of five boys, Dad and Mom spoiled me when it comes to my outfit and accessories (Hmmm… should I blame my parents for this obsession? I guess not…)

I carried this passion for handbags until now. The latest additions to my collection were those I purchased during our vacation galore in Manila. My eyes feasted on the latest trends displayed at the Malls. My most treasured one? It’s the louis vuitton hand bag my hubby gifted me during his trip to HongKong attending a conference. I know it’s only a replica from the original louis vuitton bags but I guess the material used is just the same. What I am amused most is that it comes with an authenticity card, serial number and dust cover.

Louis Vuitton handbags are the most desired of all the designer bags. You can see most of the celebrities having them. Yes! They are extremely expensive but if you can afford one why not indulge yourself? It’s one asset you can show – off with your friends and just flaunt it. With the holidays approaching, I am sure you have your favorite bag on your Christmas wish list!