Our Business

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“Grace 77” this is the trademark of my father’s business in 1977. That was 3 decades ago but I could still vividly remember the name stamped on every document and printed on the boxes of our products. My father was a hard working businessman but unfortunately he was not successful in all his endeavors. He engaged into farming, fishing and logging… but all were not gainful. Our businesses come and go…We have been to trucking and selling truck accessories also but all remain futile. His being a politician affected his businesses. His trusting attitude without going to the details of studying the products to be sold, the market trend of that time and making a formal contract with his business partners resulted to big money losses. Ten years after, he gave-up “Grace 77” and focused on his profession – a public servant and a lawyer.

His bad experiences in commerce affected almost all his brood. No one ventured into business except me. Thanks to my hubby’s entrepreneurship skills, we were able to put up an Internet Café which was the first in our area. I believe that an ideal business is defined by its owners’ value. Enjoy your business, be true to your customers and have a good financial audit. These are just some of the guidelines to follow to have a good return of investment. Lastly “Make God the silent Partner and Manager of your business”. In this way, He will crown you with success.

Generational Equity

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If I am not an Engineer … I am sure I am a social worker . My love for community outreach started when my father took office as Barangay Chairman in one of the urban barangays in our city. He hold the position for 8 years until he died. My Dad was not the traditional politician . No! He’s is not hunger of power nor of fame but he was the servant of the masses. For his constituents and vow of service , he extended whatever help he can to improve our community . He was awarded the Best Barangay Chairman among 80 barangays in our city in 1981 .

This kind of public service captured my heart . In 1983, I ran as “ Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman” and won. By God’s grace and guidance, I revolutionalized the youth in our district . The generational equity was distributed well . Projects and programs for adults, youth and children were undertaken equally. I should say, I finished my term at its best by God’s direction. I didn’t become a politician nor followed the footstep of my father but God has another plan for me. I received a higher calling I serve God through serving people. I am now a Church Minister’s wife.