Courses for Medical Doctors

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All things work together for good to those who love God… Although my mom’s death was a grievous experience for us all, many things came out good after her demise. My brother’s wife got pregnant after 13 years of waiting to have another baby in their family. Another brother who suffered depression from losing his girlfriend finally found the love of his life and settled down. Mom’s first grandchild now 23 yrs. old who was so dependent of her attention and care, now got a job working in one of the prestigious direct selling company in our country. As a family, we became more concerned with each other.

With our desire to become closer, my bother who is a medical doctor transferred residency in our city last month. Being the eldest, he has domestic obligations to fill-in. He moved their pharmacy and medical clinic here in our place too. Although the business is doing well, he expressed his desire to work in one of the government hospitals in our city. His friends discouraged him since acceptance of jobs here is mostly influenced by Politicians but we pushed him to do whatever he longs to do.

I believe he has the edge over other applicants since he has already finished medical management course for doctors and taught the teach the teachers course for doctors too. His 20 years of experience would surely reinforce his resume. I am sure he already completed the spr medical management course for doctors while being a municipal health officer .Please help me pray that he will get the desired position before the election ban will take effect February next year.