Termite-free Home?

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“Health is Wealth”, this is my mom’s favorite quotation. She always take premium when it come to her children’s well being. When I was still in my elementary years, mom would patiently and lovingly prepares snacks and lunch for me. She doesn’t want me to buy food prepared and sold on the streets. She’s also meticulous when it comes to house cleanliness. Our house is not as beautifully as the millionaire’s homes but I am proud to say that it is always clean, fresh and termite free. Thanks to my beloved Mom she was able to influence me in terms of household hygiene.

Talking about termites… I stumbled a site which covers all the basic of termite control – from information of termite colonies , how to do a termite inspection to the damage we can expect if our home has termites . They have also files of pictures to help us identify them. Ekkksss. .. seen One winged termite photo . I guess this is a good site for us all. Who wouldn’t love a termite-free house?

Growing Knockout Roses

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Flowers are synonym for women.They are both fragile, lovely , sweet, scented and blooming. Women adore flowers. I for example love to adorn our home and my office with it. Some say the color of flowers have their own meaning. Even roses have their own traditional meaning. A rosebud means youthful love, mature roses symbolize lasting love or gratitude. White ones stand for purity, and the pink ones for happiness and contentment. Whatever the colors of flowers given, I believe women just love them not only for the beauty it transcends but because of the act of giving. It is the thoughtfulness and the effort done by the person that evoke joy and charm. For me, it is the meaning behind it why I still blush everytime my hubby gives me flowers.
If only I have a Big backyard at home, I surely would love to plant roses in different varieties. So if you have enough space , why not try growing them? I guess the fulfillment of having a Rose Garden would be much greater. This would be a good business too! Demand of flowers is year- round such as weddings, birthdays, inaugurations, valentines and other special occasions.There’s nothing to worry in terms of your market. Wannah try?