Gold : The Greatest Investment

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Investment…it’s like a magic word to my mom. Before retiring from her 35years of Public service as a School teacher, a School Principal, a District Education Supervisor and a Regional Education Supervisor, my ever active mom finished also her Doctoral Degree specializing in Community relations and developmental change. Upgraded to a one level higher before saying her goodbyes to co-workers and colleagues, she received a retirement benefit enough for her to realize a dream to be involved in investments. She even tried to put in a portion of her income to a Coffee product for (5) years and earned from it too!

With the retirement fund she obtained, she aimed to venture on two different Bank Investments and a Financial scheme her friend introduce to her and a Bank Cooperative looking for investors. Unfortunately, two of that investment plans failed and my mom suffered a set back financially. She lost 400 thousand pesos from it. Still, she never gives up on her dream.

If she could just discover the big, big potential of investing in Gold, then it would be an open door for my mom to earn much from her hard earned money. Many are venturing to Gold investments and many are even buying gold and sell it at a much higher price. Gold coins and Gold bars are hot items in the market today as the value of Gold never depreciate instead it increases as the years go by. We have friends who are into this investment and they are very much pleased with it